"As you can see, even in 6th grade I had it all, the shiny metal "come hither" braces.   The glasses two sizes too big for my head but cheap enough that I can break them without getting a whuppin.   Then that hair, ohhhh that immaculate afro-ish creation which had all the girls wanting to come and study with me in the library.  Now in reality I was the walking definition of a dork, probably still am, but aren't we all to a certain degree?  

You're reading this bio probably wondering "Where's his background?   What makes him an expert to be giving his thoughts on movies and entertainment?"

Pshaw to that I say!   We're all experts!   We all have a voice!   I have chosen to share mine with you and I look forward to you doing the same.  We're all in this together and oh what a ride it will be . I make no claim to being an expert in anything just someone who gives an honest opinion.

Take it or ignore it, it's your prerogative, you can do what you wanna do. (Bobby Brown reference ftw!!)  Yes, this is no typical bio page, but why be typical when you can be a 6th grade dork all over again.  

Oh and ladies, I know the picture is getting you all heated but I'm a married man, so control yourselves."

Don "The Legend" Chambers

A master of disguise.  A chameleon skilled in the delicate yet deadly arts of code-switching.  Cherrae L. Stuart can be anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Did she write this bio? Maybe... but then again you never know.  

She's traveled the world, jumped out of planes, swam with the deadliest fish, and a friendly sea turtle who was really handy with directions.  If she wasn't doing this podcast she'd probably be a spy of some kind.  But not the kind that has to do a whole lot of running.  Not the Tom Cruise kind, more like the fly on the wall blend into the background kind. Yeah, that kind.  

She has opinions,  lots of opinions and occasionally a rage-fueled monologe or two... or every other episode.

Cherrae L. Stuart ?